About Us

About Our Company

Erika started her own venture not for profits but to help Gluten Allergic and health conscious people like her and has redefined what gluten-free should taste like for generations of food lovers. To this day, Erika develops each recipe and trusts her taste buds behind each new product she launches. She has broken down barriers and poured her heart and soul into every recipe, never settling for anything but the best ingredients and never leaving her kitchen until she has the best flavor – because everyone has a right to great-tasting foods.

Each product now includes wholesome ingredients and each bite is a celebration of flavor carefully crafted for you. In a world where unappetizing rice and soy cookies are available in abundance she has crafted each recipe to be great-tasting and satisfying for all to be able to provide delicious cookies that everyone can enjoy.

Her ambitions like her determination have no end. Her work is her life and her life is her existence.

Our products are all natural and do not contain preservatives and is boon for people wanting great tasting healthy food as part of a lifestyle and about living better, RES Foods exists to inspire and empower living free. We believe that when people eat well it helps them to feel great and bring out the best of themselves